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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Pirates, Saturday 8/5, 3:05 CT

Mark Prior, former Boy Wonder, is 0-5.

The only Cub pitchers in the last fifty years to start a season worse than that were Dick Drott, who was 0-6 (didn't win at all) in 1960, and Mike Morgan, who started 0-7 and finished 2-10 in the abortive 1994 strike season.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Mark Prior
M. Prior
vs. Zach Duke
Z. Duke
0-5 W-L 7-9
7.20 ERA 5.26
32 SO 77
21 BB 52
8 HR 12
vs. Pit -- vs. Cubs
This appears to be as big a mismatch on paper as yesterday's was in favor of the Cubs. Duke has never lost to the Cubs -- 4-0, 0.95 -- and the only current Cub who has had any success at all against him is Matt Murton (6-for-11). Undoubtedly, this will mean Murton will be benched today.

Prior, for his part, is 6-1, 2.43 in 11 career starts against Pittsburgh, but none of those 11 starts have come in this catastrophe of a season.

Meanwhile, Dusty Baker still thinks the Cubs can win the wild card:

Asked whether he ever glanced at the wild-card standings and thought about whether the Cubs would be in contention if they simply had tread water in May and June, Baker replied: "We played the best we could at that time. You can't time it when guys get hot. I look at it like we're still in it right now. I just haven't commented on it. But we still have action now."
C'mon, Dusty. I'm an optimistic guy, but even I know the Cubs are done.

Discuss amongst yourselves.