Freddie & Me

I came 2-thousand miles to be sworn at by a barely-major-league infielder? So-swear-me George Mitterwald --  that's exactly what happened! So, dodging raindrops and lighting bolts today -- I've finally made it to the North Side for this meaningless encounter. I have barely settled into the 'lottery' dugout seats just to the left of HP (for those of you scoring at home, that would be to your right -- and I wasn't visible, so you didn't miss me) and, (if you watched the game) -- agonized over Freddie Bynum impersonating an infielder in that miserable first inning -- and what was my reward? (No, not the sight of Jerry Krause seated about 8 rows behind me telling everybody he once was a NBA genius) I was promptly met with an obscenity from....the classy Mr. Bynum.

And I hadn't even found Al yet. That's a lot to have happened in 20-minutes. I NEVER yell at games. I have to protect my voice -- that's how I make my living. I NEVER YELL. PERIOD. However, I'm on vacation  (only one beer, here, OK?) so I've seen enough of Bynum's comedy capers at 2B. I'm sitting 10 yards away...from the on-deck circle, (the crowd is stunned into silence by the horrible first inning of just-barely-major-league-baseball) and I'm ticked I yell..."FREDDIE, YOU STINK."
Pretty clever, huh? That's about as angry as I'm gonna get. No swearing. However, Freddie -- turns around -- looks right at me and gives me the "F" greeting. I couldn't believe it. Neither could everybody nearby --  a surreal moment -- "Did he actually turn around and SAY that???"
My friend, Rich, who's with me tonight after a long drive from Milwaukee turns to me and says --  "That jerk just swore at you....can you belive that?" Well -- after....a few decades of watching MLB in person....that has NEVER happened to me. That little loser let THAT stupid comment affect him. (He promptly lined a single to center, so all I could hope for was that instead of wanting me to do the impossible -- perhaps I inspired him.)  Of course, with his continued miserable play -- more could have been said. But....I had said enough. Never thought I'd get on the case of an alleged major leaguer without swearing at him. Somehow, I did.

Well, it was a strange way to open up one's annual visit to the suddenly Not-So-Friendly Confines. If there's anybody in team managment reading this -- you've got a really bad individual on your hands -- a Phil-Nevin-in-the-making. But he'll be gone in 2 weeks, so not to worry. Perhaps The Riot will be flying around the basepaths in FB's place. Perhaps Freddie could find a job here:

I'll let Al do the re-cap -- I found him with the score at 7-0 and I could tell, his keyboard was going to be pretty hot from his point of view. The comeback win won't change his viewpoint -- and it ain't gonna be pretty, so get ready.
So, it's the RF bleacher box for myself and a bunch of friends tomorrow -- and we will venture over to find Al....I hope to get to at least another game...when it's not gonna rain!!!! I do hope a major league doesn't swear at me again.

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