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Another Loss In The Wall, and Open Thread: Cubs vs. Dodgers, Thursday 9/14, 1:20 CT

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There really isn't much to say about last night's 6-0 Cub loss to the Dodgers that hasn't been said 87 other times this year. Well, I will say this -- it was the 14th time the Cubs have been shut out this year, most in the NL, and they are now fourteen games from setting a club record for fewest CG in a season (current record: three), fifteen from tying the ML record (one), and sixteen from becoming the first team in major league history to go through an entire year without one.

They went behind early, and when it seemed, at 2-0, that they might actually get back into the game (they actually got a runner to third in the third inning), Angel Guzman took care of that "problem" by getting whacked around good in the fourth.

I'm going to be brief this morning because there's a day game today and this will serve as the game thread as well, plus, I had some trouble with my email this morning and spent about half an hour on the phone with my ISP to no avail.

Last night Howard, Mike, Jeff and I (incidentally, realizing we were the only four there last night from our group, reminded me of this 2002 article that was written about us) were joined by Matt Burtz (gauchodirk), who I think has seen exactly one win with us, and also the San Diego Smooth Jazz Man and three of his friends. It was a chilly night -- Howard actually loaned me a sweatshirt, which I was lucky enough to be able to put under my jacket, because if you saw this sweatshirt, you wouldn't want it to be seen in public either. Sorry, Howard -- it DID keep me warm.

So without having much to say about the game, I wanted to post this photo, which seems gratuitous but does have a good story behind it (and since there is a Dodger in the photo, it's sortakinda on topic):

That, of course, is Jose Lima. Yes, on the LEFT. You are looking at the LEFT of this photo, correct? It was taken last year when Lima was singing the national anthem last year at Dodger Stadium. That's on the LEFT side of the photo. That's where you're looking. Right?

Yeah, yeah, I know you're not. Anyway, on the right is Lima's wife Michelle. Recently, that dress was put up for auction on eBay.

Just as a lark, my SB Nation colleague Adam over at the Rangers site Lone Star Ball put in a bid.

People shouldn't do those things, because he won the dress. In addition to the dress, he won an 8x10 copy of that photo, which Melissa will personalize and sign. Go here for more, and to make suggestions on what Melissa Lima should write on the photo.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Wade Miller
W. Miller
vs. Hong Chih-Kuo
H. Kuo
0-1 W-L 1-4
12.00 ERA 4.46
3 SO 43
5 BB 29
2 HR 2
vs. LA -- vs. Cubs
Today will be the first time a Taiwanese player has ever played in Wrigley Field. This isn't too surprising, as there have been only three other players in major league history from Taiwan. Of the four (including Kuo), Chien-Ming Wang has ever faced the Cubs before, last year at Yankee Stadium.

We can only hope that Miller pitches better this time than in his last start. He could hardly do worse.

Finally, many of us, myself included, have criticized Glendon Rusch for his poor pitching performances this year. But today, I wish him well, and a speedy recovery, from a blood clot in his lung, a scary thing that was discovered only two days ago when he experienced pain working out, and that will end his season, possibly his career, and could have been life-threatening if not caught early, which it was. See this diary for more discussion of Glendon.

Discuss amongst yourselves.