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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Phillies, Tuesday 9/19, 6:05 CT

The Cubs will attempt to win their fourth game in a row tonight. They have done this two other times this year -- and sadly, those are the longest winning streaks of the season.

It'd figure, wouldn't it, that now that it doesn't mean a thing, they might reel off their longest streak of the year. Fortunately, I don't think it matters -- I suspect Dusty Baker's fate (since that's CLEARLY what you are worried about) has already been decided, and he'll be gone on October 2, or shortly thereafter.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Wade Miller
W. Miller
vs. Jamie Moyer
J. Moyer
0-1 W-L 8-14
6.75 ERA 4.38
6 SO 99
8 BB 47
3 HR 29
vs. Phi -- vs. Cubs
Moyer makes his second start against the Cubs since returning to the NL last month -- on August 21, he didn't throw great, but well enough to win. He has walked only three in 33 Phillie innings. (The stats above are his combined Mariners/Phillies numbers.)

Miller pitched poorly in his first start back, a little better in his second start (giving up only one hit, a two-run homer), and if he throws well enough tonight and in the one (or two) more starts he'll have, I'd sign him to an incentive-laden contract for 2007. What do they have to lose?

Record watch: Bob Howry needs six more appearances to break the club record of 84; Juan Pierre needs 18 more at-bats (probably about five games' worth) to break the club record of 666 (about time we got that number out of the record books, right?), and 12 more hits for 200.

If the Cubs can score ten or more runs tonight, it will be the first time they have scored 10 or more in three straight games since April 15-16-17, 2003. Cubs Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.