NOW can we start to talk about Girardi in Chicago?

We've discussed this at length before, and many here have made their feelings pretty clear (both for/against) with regard to Girardi as a possible replacement.  NO, it's not official, but more definitive reports out of South Florida are saying Girardi has a "zero" chance of coming back to Florida next year.

That being said, the arguments against Girardi have primarily been that #1 There was no guarantee that he would be available, and if he was available would likely require compensation to the Marlins  and #2 His Florida team is better than most had predicted, therefore questioning his real managerial skill.

Some recent moves he has made have brought some question marks to his managerial decisions (even to me), however, I would still be in favor of bringing him here over other available commodities.  

Assuming the reports are true (which is still speculation)-though it seems at this point that chances of Baker coming back to Chicago may be better than Girardi returning to the Marlins- and assuming he is available without compensation,  who's the choice for the manager of the Cubs next year?

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