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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Brewers, Wednesday 9/27, 7:05 CT

Tonight is the final night game of 2006, and also the final game the Cubs will play against a NL Central foe.

If the Cubs can win tonight, they will finish at exactly .500 vs. the Central -- 42-42. This points up clearly how bad the Central has been this year.

Further, the Cubs are 13-12 in home night games (one was rained out, and although 13-12 looks pretty good, they were at one point 7-0 in home night games).

Today's Starting Pitchers
Rich Hill
R. Hill
vs. Dave Bush
D. Bush
6-7 W-L 12-11
4.29 ERA 4.54
83 SO 161
37 BB 38
15 HR 26
vs. Mil -- vs. Cubs

Apropos of nothing, I went to college with a guy named Dave Bush. This isn't him.

Rich Hill needs to pitch at least 7.2 innings while allowing no runs to get his season ERA to finish under 4.00. I'd give him a pretty good shot at doing this, and that would be quite an accomplishment given that after his first eight starts it was 7.23. Cubs Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.