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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Rockies, Saturday 9/30, 3:05 CT

This is the fourteenth season of the Colorado Rockies.

In all that time, only one starting pitcher who had enough innings to qualify for the ERA title finished a season with an ERA under 4.00 -- Joe Kennedy in 2004, 3.66. And he just barely qualified, with 162.1 IP.

Francis would have to throw 7.1 innings and allow two runs or less to accomplish this feat; for once this year, let's see the Cubs deny another team an accomplishment.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Juan Mateo
J. Mateo
vs. Jeff Francis
J. Francis
1-3 W-L 13-11
4.09 ERA 4.02
34 SO 114
19 BB 68
4 HR 18
vs. Col -- vs. Cubs
Seems doable, too -- Francis has made two lifetime starts against the Cubs, and has a 9.64 ERA in 9.1 IP. Juan Pierre is 4-for-4 lifetime vs. Francis, and Derrek Lee, who might play today after announcing yesterday the formation of a foundation to fight the congenital disease that could rob his daughter of her eyesight, is 3-for-3 against Francis.

Mateo has shown flashes of brilliance in some of his starts and looked wild and hittable in others. You can clearly see, though, what the Cardinals saw in him when they took him in the Rule V draft. Getting him back was one of the few things that's gone right for the Cubs this year. Cubs Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.