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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Braves, Friday 9/8, 6:05 CT

A number of years ago, a piece of one of my wisdom teeth broke off. The dentist bonded it and it never gave me any more trouble -- till about a week ago, when the bonding broke and my new dentist recommended pulling it.

Which is what I did this afternoon. What does this have to do with Cubs baseball? Question: Which is more painful, having a tooth pulled, or watching this team?

I think you know the answer.

Tempus fugit department: The last time the Cubs and Braves played when BOTH teams entered the game with a losing record was sixteen years ago, on August 26, 1990; the Braves were 49-78, on their way to a 97-loss season, and the Cubs were 60-66; they would finish that year 77-85.

Amazingly enough, the starting pitcher for the Braves in that game is still on the ballclub -- John Smoltz. Smoltz will face the Cubs on Sunday.

Further, it has been more than two years since the Cubs last won a game in Atlanta -- April 11, 2004.

Incidentally, there is some confusion over where tonight's telecast can be seen.

The pocket Cub schedules say the game is on CSN Plus. But the Cubs website says WGN. I called the Cubs switchboard; they said CSN Plus. Now, here's where it gets even goofier. WGN's daily schedule says the WHITE SOX game is on WGN tonight. But the White Sox website says CSN. So did their switchboard when I called them. BCB reader kaseyi emailed CSN and received a reply saying the Cub game was on CSN's regular channel.

So the answer is, who the heck knows? Flip through your channels to find it. If you even WANT to watch.

Today's Starting Pitchers
Angel Guzman
A. Guzman
vs. Tim Hudson
T. Hudson
0-4 W-L 11-10
7.05 ERA 4.95
50 SO 116
30 BB 66
5 HR 21
vs. Atl -- vs. Cubs
Cub stat note: yesterday, Scott Moore and Carlos Marmol both hit their first major league home runs. The last time two Cubs did that in the same game was September 16, 1972, when it was also a pitcher -- Burt Hooton -- and an infielder -- Dave Rosello -- accomplishing this feat.

Tonight's game is pretty meaningless, so let's have some fun with the standings. As of now, before Friday's games, the NL wild card leaders look like this:

                W  L GB Left 
 San Diego     73 66 --  23 
 Philadelphia  71 69 2.5 22 
 San Francisco 70 70 3.5 22 
 Florida       70 70 3.5 22 
 Cincinnati    69 71 4.5 22 
 Houston       68 71 5.0 23
If the following plausible (yes, I know, not likely ALL of these will happen, but they ARE plausible) scenarios play out this weekend:

Giants sweep Padres
Reds sweep Pirates
Astros sweep Brewers
Marlins take 2 of 3 from Phillies

Then, on Sunday night, with three weeks remaining in the season, the wild-card standings would read:

                W  L GB Left 
 San Diego     73 69 --  20 
 San Francisco 73 70 0.5 19 
 Philadelphia  72 71 1.5 19 
 Florida       72 71 1.5 19 
 Cincinnati    72 71 1.5 19 
 Houston       71 71 2.0 20
Now wouldn't THAT be fun? Cubs Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.