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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Braves, Saturday 9/9, 6:05 CT

Here he comes to save the day! (And you have to be of "a certain age" to get that reference)

Wade Miller! He's here! The franchise is saved!

Well, no, it's not really. Tonight, Miller will become the fifteenth different pitcher to start a game for the 2006 Cubs, and the twenty-third pitcher to appear in a game for the 2006 Cubs (the club record is 25, set in 1999).

Today's Starting Pitchers
Wade Miller
W. Miller
vs. Chuck James
C. James
making W-L 8-3
his ERA 3.65
2006 SO 60
season BB 34
debut HR 14
vs. Atl -- vs. Cubs
(Maybe it's just me, but I think Miller looks a lot like Kerry Wood.)

James is a rookie, so he has never faced the Cubs. He did, in his two appearances in 2005, manage to face Juan Pierre as a Marlin; Pierre doubled.

Miller, having been a NL veteran, has faced the Braves several times, and not done very well: 2-3, 5.56 ERA in six starts, and even worse at Turner Field: 0-2, 13.50 in two starts there. But he has had quite a bit of success against one particular Brave -- Edgar Renteria. Renteria is 0-for-22 against Miller. And the only Brave who has hit him hard (Chipper Jones, 7-for-16, six doubles) is unable to play tonight.

Worth watching. Maybe Miller's signing will have been worth it. Cubs Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.