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Actual, Real, Cub News Happening NOW

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And I know this news will please quite a few readers of this site.

Per Barry Rozner of the Daily Herald, Mark Grace has agreed to appear at the Cubs Convention:

It's a relationship that makes sense for both, as Grace is one of the most popular players in team history -- and the subject of many conversations every January at the convention.

"I think (Cubs president) John McDonough is more excited than anyone," [Grace's agent, Barry] Axelrod said. "He said the Mark Grace question is the one he gets asked more than any other about the Cubs."

Now, fans don't have to wonder if Grace will ever come back, and don't be surprised if he gets the loudest ovation of any ex-Cub after being gone for what felt to the fans like an eternity.

"It's not as though the Cubs hadn't shown interest because they basically called every year and invited Mark," Axelrod said. "Since we started talking about it last spring, I think he felt like it was time to do it."

Though both Grace and MacPhail said last spring that neither harbored a grudge and that there were no hard feelings, it's probably not a coincidence that Grace didn't decide to say "yes'' until after MacPhail departed.