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MLB Advanced Media Prepares To Shoot Itself In The Foot, Yet Again

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Here's a little under-the-radar story that got a one-line mention in this week's Sports Weekly.

MLB Extra Innings, run by MLB Advanced Media, is apparently in serious negotiations to make an exclusive deal with DirecTV beginning this season, thus cutting off those of us who watched via digital cable.

Now, how stupid is this? Why would you want to cut off a potential source of customers? Apparently, here's why:

Sports-programming consultant Lee Berke believes that the emergence of the broadband package could allow MLB to take DirecTV's exclusive package without alienating cable subscribers.

"[MLB.TV] has become so widely distributed in its own right that it's become a balancing act -- the leagues are looking at various platform and the dollars they get, and trying to figure out whether exclusivity or multiple distributors makes sense," he said. "My guess is that if DirecTV comes up with enough money, then baseball may say, 'We're doing so well with MLB.TV maybe it's worth it to explore being exclusive with DirecTV.' "

But I don't WANT to buy MLB.TV -- I want the package of games available on my TV, my plasma screen, not on my computer.

When will these idiots learn?