Chris's Cub Convention Report: Saturday (better than Julie's)

My first convention, and I have to say, it was a lot of fun. Too bad I'm not able to go tommorow, or wasn't able to go yesterday.

So it started off like any other Saturday, I got up, looked across the yard from my window, yelled at the children playing on their swingset claiming everytime you swing God hits your dead grandmother over the head with a broken beer bottle.

It was off to the Cubs Con! I got in my car and started making my way toward Cicero to go to 55 when I was attacked by Godzilla, I quickly killed the beast and made my way downtown.

On my journey on 55 going 80 mph, I was confronted by a leprachaun who asked me, "Chris, What famous motorcyclist does Peter deify in Family Guy?", to which I responded, "The Fonz, leprachaun, now move, I have places to go and people to see". He promptly gave me a receipt for my purchase of parking and I walked into the hotel.

Initially, I walked in and it was nice and quiet, some Asian girl gave me a weird look, and I walked inside to meet the fellows from BCB. I walked over to the bar area and found 2 people walk over and set their things down and one walk away, the younger one I figured had to be sparkles, but I was busy on the phone, so I walked over and made myself comfortable to which she approached me and we talked until the Julie came.

Soon we were joined by many different folks, Al, Oz, Gaucho, Jessica, Flyball, Interm etc..and so forth. We took our group photo and split up. Will, Al, Julie, Sparks, Oz, Gaucho and myself went downstairs and who should we of seen but Bruce Miles (who, again, was very fun to talk to). Whilest the rest of the group got a picture with Bobby Howry. Eventually Al, Will and myself caught up with them and decided we needed a picture with Howry together. So we did just that.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Sparkles then Sparkles/Julie, then just Julie. Not, however, before Sparkles got the chance to freak Bobby Howry out, and I completely did not see Alfonso Soriano walk right past me (within 10 feet).

From there we went back upstairs, met with Al, Gaucho, Jesse Guam (still don't know your actual name), Shaun, Jessica, Dave, Carol, and Will. Ordered food, sat around chit chatted and simply enjoyed each other's company.

Good times.

Oh and then I came home and cured world hunger, the antitode will be out in a few years.

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