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BCB Congratulates The Chicago Bears!

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... on defeating the New Orleans Saints 39-14 and making the Super Bowl for the first time in twenty-one seasons -- amazingly enough, only one year less than the gap between previous Bear appearances in a title game (1963-1985, 22 years). It hardly seems that many years have gone by.

This is just very, very sweet. Congrats to Lovie Smith, too, for becoming the first African-American coach to lead a team to the Super Bowl -- and let me also say here that he's done a tremendous job of coaching in general. That's just for Joe Buck, who had to mention Sean Payton's coaching job as the Bears were running for their last touchdown.

And now, the Bears play for the NFL title... in the very stadium where the Cubs played their last road playoff game, three years ago. Two weeks of hype shall commence now!