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Cubs Convention Report, Day 2


Here I was, thinking I could come in to work this morning, and after getting work done, sit down and write a comprehensive, insightful, analytical, and funny post completely summarizing both my experiences and BCB's at the Saturday session of the convention.

And then I open up the BCB front page and find out that cubbiejulie has already done exactly that in this diary. And Faith plus 1 added his slant on events in this diary. And even my own son scooped me by posting this diary, his first BCB diary. (And yes, I'm a bit jealous of the bat he actually did sleep with, signed by Derrek Lee, Carlos Zambrano, Alfonso Soriano and Ernie Banks.)

So there's not a whole lot I can add to what they've already said about a very full day at the Hilton -- except that we saw Bernard Berrian step out of a very large GMC something-or-other as we were leaving. Hardly anyone recognized him.

A few random notes:

  • At the Hendry/Piniella session (at which Lou showed up late), there was an underlying theme of "Yeah, we know we screwed up the last two years with Dusty Baker's philosophies. We're working on it. We'll fix it." -- without specifically mentioning Baker's name at all.
  • You guys are gonna love the pictures, particularly the one of seven of us with Bob Howry, discussed in more detail in Julie's diary. I gave Howry a BCB card; he gave me a sort of bemused look, but he did say he'd check us out. So Bob, if you're reading this -- welcome to BCB, tell your teammates about us, and post if you'd like.
  • Was going to go to the "Piniella 101" session, but, as noted somewhere else (I can't find where right now!) several of us ran into Bruce Miles (who has this excellent summary of the Hendry/Piniella session today), and we got involved in a fairly long conversation about the 2007 season, so we missed that session.
  • The 1989 Cub session, the only one featuring Mark Grace as a participant, drew the largest crowd I have ever seen at any session in years -- in the largest ballroom, the Grand Ballroom, it was SRO. Grace, Jerome Walton, Dwight Smith, Mike Bielecki, Les Lancaster and Doug Dascenzo were interesting and funny (who knew that Steve Wilson's nickname was "Slapper"? Or was it "Snapper"? I can't remember. Things got a little hazy after a while).
  • Most of all, and in all seriousness, I want to say it was great to meet and hang out with BCB'ers cubbiejulie, sparkles, gauchodirk, Faith plus 1, cubfanwill, Jesse Guam, jessica, Ozgreeder, cubbieboy, Imtrejo, kerrysotherwife, flyball, wccubfan, raalic17, and ctcoff99 (and please forgive me if I've left anyone out!), along with Bruce Miles, friend to me and friend to BCB, and my bleacher friends Sue, Carole & Mike. It's all of YOU who make BCB what it is, and what makes being a Cub fan so personally rewarding. Yes, of course we want to win -- all of us, and I think the club is trying very hard to show us that they want to win too (although, I didn't buy any convention merchandise this year for the first time in a while, primarily because the logo and theme for the convention shirts [a big blue "W"] reminded me too much of the shirt that a certain radio station has been handing out for several years near the ballpark).
It was great meeting and spending time with all of you. Toward the end of the evening I raised a toast to BCB, and to reaching the promised land in October.

Today, I won't be in attendance -- a couple of people have promised reports from the only really important session, the one with the management from the business side of the ballclub.