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A few notes about baseball broadcasts of various types...

First, the Cubs have announced their spring TV schedule (note on game times, Daylight Saving time begins on 3/11 this year - all times Central):

3/4: White Sox @ Mesa, WGN, 2:05 CT 3/9: Padres (ss) @ Mesa, CSN, 2:05 3/10: Royals @ Surprise, CSN, 2:05 3/12: Giants @ Scottsdale, CSN, 3:05 3/17: Padres @ Mesa, WGN, 3:05 3/18: Angels @ Tempe, CSN, 3:05 3/21: Rangers @ Mesa, CSN, 3:05 3/22: Padres @ Peoria, CSN, 3:05 3/24: Giants @ Scottsdale, CSN, 3:05 3/25: Angels @ Mesa, WGN, 3:05 3/26: Angels @ Tempe, CSN, 3:05 3/29: Diamondbacks @ Mesa, CSN, 2:05 3/30: Mariners @ Las Vegas, WGN, 9:15 3/31: Mariners @ Las Vegas, CSN, 3:05
The televised games on 3/4, 3/10, 3/17, 3/18, 3/24, 3/25, 3/30 and 3/31 will also be on WGN radio. And, NON-televised games on 3/1 (Giants at Mesa) and 3/11 (Brewers at Mesa) will be on WGN radio.

Finally, if you don't mind watching with the sound off, the game on 3/16 at Tucson vs. the White Sox will be on WGN with the Sox announcers. It wouldn't surprise me if another game or two wound up on ESPN, which does some spring games.

On another TV-related topic, John Donovan at weighs in on the Extra Innings controversy, and I think he nails it:

The reason MLB is forsaking that many fans shouldn't surprise anyone. DirecTV, according to a report in the New York Times, will fork over $700 million for seven years for the exclusive rights to carry Extra Innings. So MLB is faced with this simple decision: $700 million or a few thousand upset seamheads. It's no contest. It's Rose against Fosse.

Business-wise, short-term, you can see baseball's side in this, if you forget about the fans. A thirtieth of a $700 million deal will pay a good-sized piece of any team's over-inflated payroll. And a lot of the money that baseball sees from the DirecTV deal could go toward seeding the game's next big money-making venture, the MLB Channel, coming to a television near you around the 2009 season.

But the shame -- and isn't this always the problem? -- is that it's the fans who ultimately end up taking it in the Canseco once again. The deal with DirecTV will make it more difficult for many baseball fans to get what they want, how they want. It's really as simple as that. And that's no way to treat the customer.