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Portrait Of Wrigley Field On A Random January Saturday

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So here I sit, racking my brains for new material while we are waiting for the Bears to win the Super Bowl and then for pitchers and catchers to report...

... and what drops into my inbox but some ballpark photos, taken by intrepid BCB photographer David this afternoon. They've begun ripping up the sidewalk at the corner of Addison & Sheffield to begin installing the personalized brick pavers. David also snapped a photo on Waveland, where they've put in some bricks near gates J & K. This work doesn't appear to be finished -- and I wish they'd go ahead and get rid of those ugly concrete slabs.

Three views of the brick paver area; view of the north wall of the park on Waveland, looking east. You can also see the covered-up CF bleachers in this shot; they are replacing the wood/fiberglass benches in CF.

Photos by David Sameshima