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More On The MLB-DirecTV Deal

Thanks to my SB Nation sister site FishStripes, I can now give you an email address where you can express your displeasure with this still-unconsummated deal, if that is your inclination.

Click here to email MLB on this issue. However, as Craig said on FishStripes:

If you do write them, be nice. Starting out the first sentence with "What are you morons thinking?" probably won't get the rest of your complaint read. Yeah, I know, they are morons but no one likes to be reminded of it.
Here's the text of the email I just sent:
I was advised to be nice while writing this email, and I'm going to try really, really hard to do that, even though the topic on which I'm writing is something that makes me really, really upset.

I'm talking about the proposed deal you are apparently about to consummate with DirecTV to give it exclusive carriage of MLB Extra Innings.

I like EI. I have subscribed for the last three seasons, even though I live in Chicago and can probably get well over 350 games on my regular expanded-basic cable. I subscribed to Comcast's digital cable in no small measure, just so I could get EI.

Hear this: I am NOT going to subscribe to DirecTV so I can get EI, if you remove it from digital cable. Further, I am NOT going to subscribe to MLB.TV, which is apparently what you want those of us who are dispossessed to do. Watching a game on my computer -- even through your new "Mosaic" system (and who really can focus on six games at once? That's overkill, and I think my eyes would fly out of my head) isn't what I want to do. Watching baseball on my 17-inch laptop screen is not in any way comparable to watching it on my 42-inch plasma screen.

I realize that you are reaping a large windfall -- $700 million over ten years, if the figures I saw quoted in the press are correct, $70 million a year. But in the long run, wouldn't you make MORE money if you EXPANDED the reach of EI, rather than restricted it to one delivery system?

You'd be doing one more thing if you do this. In a marketplace where many fans were already upset because of your arcane blackout rules (why should, for example, Chicago Cubs fans in Iowa be unable to watch the Cubs on EI if they are not being carried by a local carrier?), you risk a very, very bad public relations hit among those of us who have been loyal EI subscribers. Some will switch, I suppose. I won't, and I'll simply go back to watching local baseball, and whatever's on ESPN and TBS, and the occasional game on INHD.

Think carefully before you sign this deal. To my eye, this will give you a lot of short-term dollars in the bank, but in exchange, you will be upsetting quite a number of long-term, loyal, hard-core baseball fans.