Fill in the Blank: A Tourist's Guide and Let's Get Together (Haley Mills Version)

My wife and I will be headed to Chicago for the Cubs Convention on Thursday, January 18th. I've only been to Chicago twice (laughs ensue), and this will be the first time for her. While we're in Chicago, we'd like to scout out some nice places/things to do besides the Convention since we're seriously considering moving there next year (2008). So, without further ado, please fill in the blanks below:

Best Bar:_____
Best Jazz Club:
Best Sushi:________
Best theatre (live):
Best things to do when you only have four nights and three days:

On Another Note: When (or Are) and where are the BCB bloggers, readers, and sinners getting together at the convention?


[editor's note, by Al] By request, I am moving this diary up and asking people to continue to provide city recommendations for things to do in Chicago, PLUS give tips for getting to the ballpark, where you like sitting, etc. and eventually I will put this on the right sidebar as "BCB Reader Guide to Wrigley Field and Chicago".

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