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As you can see below, a certain sixth-grader in my house has let his hair grow quite long (photo taken today):

I think he looks like a dork. Plus, he can't see properly when he's playing basketball. (We went to the Suns game last night; he's a Steve Nash fan, so he used some of his Hanukkah money to buy the jersey you see him wearing.)

He has agreed that BCB readers can decide whether or not he gets a haircut. You can vote in the poll on the right sidebar. I don't think you have to guess what MY vote is.

UPDATE [2007-1-12 9:03:17 by Al]: Despite some attempts at late ballot-box stuffing by a certain 11-year-old, the haircut has won (383-338, or 53% to 46% -- came out to less than 100% due to a rounding error). It will occur on Monday -- a photo will be posted.