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Wednesday Morning News And Notes

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In this weird little interregnum between the Division Series and the League Championship Series -- it seems almost as if baseball's vanished, doesn't it? -- there are a few Cub-related notes to pass along to you this morning.

The sale of the club may be delayed a few more months. Jay Mariotti acts surprised, but I'm not. The entire Tribune Co. sale has not yet, to my knowledge, been consummated by Sam Zell, so the current management is likely to be in charge this offseason. I have heard rumors that there has been approval to add positions to the fulltime baseball staff, something that's been sorely needed for many years (the Cubs have fewer full-time, year-round employees than any club in baseball). If this happens, that's a sign that belts are NOT being tightened.

Gordon Wittenmyer says the Cubs should keep Jacque Jones. Sure, if offensive upgrades are made in other areas (Kosuke Fukudome, anyone?).

Barry Rozner, who usually hits the nail on the head, is way, way off base in the criticism of Aramis Ramirez he wrote a couple of days ago. Yes, "Rodrigo" disappeared in the Division Series -- but so did everyone else. You can't complain about his production in September, especially since he was fighting off a knee injury most of the season.

And if you are in Chicago and would like to meet Carlos Zambrano, he's going to be signing copies of his new biography The Big Z: The Carlos Zambrano Story at the Spanish-language bookstore Librería Girón, 1443 W. 18th Street, at 6 pm on Wednesday. There will be another Z signing session on Tuesday, October 23 at Costco, 2746 N. Clybourn.