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Open Thread: ALCS Game #1, NLCS Game #2 - Friday 10/12

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The Indians/Red Sox game begins at 6:07 CT; the Diamondbacks/Rockies at 9:07 CT.

Naturally, with the length of some postseason games this year, that will undoubtedly lead to some overlap. With the games on different networks -- ALCS on Fox, NLCS on TBS -- there won't be much problem following both of them.

That does raise an interesting question. Let's say the Cubs had won their Division Series and were facing the Rockies. They'd have been at home at Wrigley Field tonight.

When would they have started these games, with one in Eastern time and one in Central? They wouldn't have made the Cubs start at 9 pm local time.

Food for thought, anyway, on a day without much else to discuss. Gameday for the Indians/Red Sox game (6:07 pm CT start) Gameday for the Rockies/Diamondbacks game (9:07 pm CT start)

Discuss amongst yourselves.