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But It's A Dry Heat!

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SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Have safely arrived in the Valley of the Sun, where in fact, it was cloudy until just about the time the plane landed an hour or so ago. On my flight were several people in Cubs garb, and a crew from Fox-32 in Chicago, including reporters Dane Placko and Corey McPherrin.

Walking by the newspaper racks in the airport, I noticed the Arizona Republic's main front page story was this one, headlined "Hometown team vs. longtime favorite" ... all about how there are tons of Cubs fans living here in the Valley; I expect to see not only those sorts of people at the games here, but many people like me, who have trekked out here for the series.

I'll post more either later this afternoon or tonight; thoughts about the series itself and the team matchups, but for now, I'm going to give Mike the last word:

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