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Open Thread: ALCS Game #6

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The league championship series went to the advantage of one of the teams, three games to one, and that team figured to close it out easily in game five, with one of their ace starters on the mound.

And then Josh Beckett turned in an outstanding performance against that starter and saved his team for game six. In the meantime, the losing club in game five wasn't worried -- they figured two of their team's better starters could win at least once in two games, to close the series out.

It didn't happen. Oh, wait, you're thinking about this year? I was talking about this series, in 2003. That worked out pretty well for Beckett's club. He's hoping for the same in 2007; this time they get to try it at home.

Other news:

Enjoy the game. Seems like a long time since there's been one, doesn't it? Gameday for the Indians/Red Sox game (7:07 pm CT start)