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BCB World Series Contest And LCS Contest Results

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With the LCS over, it's time to announce the two winners of the respective league contests.

Five BCB readers (HectorVillanueva, frustratedfan, santoswoodenlegs, dtpollitt, and No Southern Belle) picked the Rockies to sweep. No Southern Belle completed this pick by getting the total number of runs scored exactly right -- 26 runs were scored in the series.

Thirteen BCB readers picked the Red Sox in 7 (Goat Whisperer, ChiCubsFever, Chanman25, CubbieBeerFan21, gdog, Tangled Up In Blue, okiecubbie, getbusywinnin, quarryfan, CubbieCurt, akbeck98, davewillie, and letsplaytwo). Chanman25 wins for coming closest to the total # of runs scored, picking 79. The actual run total was 83.

Congratulations to both -- please email me so I can send you your prize. It's a copy of the "Chasing October" DVD.

Now, let's do the same for the World Series. Pick your winner, and we'll use the same tiebreakers: number of games and total number of runs scored. I'll close off comments on this thread just before game one on Wednesday evening. There will be a different prize for this contest.

UPDATE [2007-10-24 17:40:54 by Al]: The WS contest is closed. Good luck to all!