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Tuesday Morning Miscellaneous


No baseball again today. If MLB wanted to concoct a scheme to destroy interest in the postseason, they couldn't have done better than the 2007 schedule, with all its off days.

Phil Rogers is bored too -- says the World Series will be "a letdown". His theory is that since the last four Series have been dull, that the 2007 version will be, as well. Not sure I follow this tortured logic.

Meanwhile, the Cubs' resodding project, near approval, may be finished as early as December. And Paul Sullivan further writes that whoever buys the Cubs and Wrigley Field should take some lessons from what the Red Sox have done with Fenway Park.

Blogger "Richie Rich" at Home Run Derby makes a persuasive case for the Reds possibly signing Barry Bonds, now that his old enabler Dusty Baker is managing there. Plausible, especially if the few AL teams where he'd fit (Seattle, Oakland, maybe Detroit) all pass. It's further corroborated by this Sabernomics blog post suggesting that the primary reason the Reds paid Baker $3.5 million per year was to send the "message" that they are serious about contending, and might want to make a splash in the free agent market.

And at long last, to no one's real surprise after the death of Blackhawks owner Bill Wirtz, Bill's son Rocky, now in charge, is already negotiating to put some home games on TV. Here's the official in-house memo sent to team employees from "W. Rockwell Wirtz" (his full name, and isn't "Rocky" better?) -- note: link opens .pdf file.

And, the Colorado Rockies are going to try again after yesterday's fiasco: Rox World Series tickets go on sale today at 1 pm CDT. Good luck to their computer servers!