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Open Thread: 2007 World Series Game #3

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Don't assume the WS is over. Strange things happen at Coors Field, even with the balls now dampened in the humidor.

Other Saturday notes:

If you go to Arizona spring training, you'll be paying more for tickets. Well, at least in Peoria, you will.

They're not only going to open the 2008 season in Japan with the Red Sox and A's; they're going to play some exhibition games in China, assuming arrangements can be made.

And another exhibition game might be played at the Los Angeles Coliseum. No, really. The Red Sox could stop there on their way back from Japan, especially since the Angels are already committed to playing the Padres on the last weekend of spring training.

And if you are among those who has surreptitiously placed the ashes of one of your loved ones at the now-being-resurfaced field at Wrigley Field, now you have to head out to DuPage County to visit him or her.

Enjoy the game. They lucked out weather-wise, sort of. No snow in Denver, but it's going to be pretty chilly tonight. Gameday for World Series Game #3 (7:35 pm CT start)