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Open Thread: 2007 World Series Game #4

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Is this WS boring or what? Well, not if you're rooting for the Red Sox, I guess, but this makes 2007 the fourth straight one-sided, dull, uninteresting "Fall Classic" (yes, it may be Fall, but it's hardly "Classic" any more). 2003 was the last WS that went even as many as six games, and that one wasn't that interesting, either. Well, it sure wasn't to Cubs fans, anyway.

It says here that the series ends tonight, sparing Denver fans the choice of watching game five on Monday, or the Broncos/Packers game, which is also taking place in Denver.

Sunday notes:

Enjoy the game. They lucked out weather-wise again: it'll be warmer tonight than last night. Gameday for World Series Game #4 (7:29 pm CT start)