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Open Thread: ALDS Game #4, Indians vs. Yankees, Monday 10/8, 6:30 CT

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Yes, I'm still alive... there's nothing much to post about today, is there?

Just in case you want to talk about tonight's only remaining Division Series game, here's a gameday thread. It does have one of the better announcing teams in Chip Caray, Bob Brenly and Tony Gwynn -- one former Cub announcer, one current Cub announcer, and one former Cub tormentor. There are four former Cubs on these two rosters, three of whom played for the 2003 team that... well, you know.

Those three are, of course, Joe Borowski, Kenny Lofton and Kyle Farnsworth. (The fourth is Yankee backup catcher Jose Molina, who came up through the Cub farm system, played ten games for them in 1999, and then was unceremoniously released at the end of the 2000 season. He has not yet played in the Division Series.) Gameday for the Yankees/Indians game (6:30 pm CT start)

I'll have more tomorrow. In the meantime, could someone tote up the final results from our preseason Cub record predictions, including tiebreakers (I know, someone did this already but I can't find it!), and let me know who the top two finishers are? I have prizes for both of them.

Discuss amongst yourselves.