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Thursday Morning Headlines and Wrigley Resodding Update - 11/1

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That's a bit of a misnomer. These aren't today's headlines -- in fact, there really isn't any important breaking news today. Before I present a few things you might have missed over the last week or two, though, here's a new photo of the resodding project, taken from the webcam this morning:

Remember that lawsuit that MLB brought against fantasy league operators? Where they claimed fantasy leagues shouldn't be able to use stats/names without paying MLB a fee? Well, they lost. If you'd like to read the entire federal appeals court ruling, it's here. (link opens .pdf file)

Speaking of fantasy ball, a guy who I've been in a historical simulation fantasy league with for a number of years, who is a columnist for a newspaper in Mankato, Minnesota, thinks the Cubs might be a possible destination for Torii Hunter. To which I'd say, no thanks. Hunter's almost 33, and his career numbers look a lot like Jacque Jones'. We already have one of those.

Buried in yet another A-Rod opts-out article is a note that says that Japanese pitcher Hiroki Kuroda nearly signed with the Cubs last year, but decided to stay in Japan for "personal reasons". I'd say that if Jim Hendry nearly signed him a year ago, Kuroda's very likely to be sporting a Cub uniform in 2008.

They're going to be breaking ground in Glendale, Arizona, for the new spring training complex to be shared by the Dodgers and White Sox on November 16; it's going to open in February 2009.

Finally, remember Ria Cortesio, the female umpire from the Southern League who umpired a Cubs/Diamondbacks spring training game last March? Despite being ranked the top umpire in the SL before the 2007 season began, she's been let go.