JJ for Infante?

Our favorite website has a source saying that at the GM Meetings Hendry talked to the Tigers about a possible JJ for Omar Infante swap. I think this is interesting because it would be an alternative to Kaz Matsui, but also because it shows Hendry is serious about getting someone to play opposite of Mark DeRosa. Apparently Hendry saw the same Ryan Theriot that all the rest of us did at the end of the season, and is trying hard to replace him.

Here's the link:

Infante certainly doesn't hit for any power, but he has had a decent average in the last couple of years, and has faced the tough AL Central pitching. He seems like Ryan Theriot with a higher batting average. I think the real reason for this swap may just be to clear JJ out for Fukudome, but either way Hendry's seeming interest in every mediocre middle infielder in baseball seems to indicate something.

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