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Monday Morning Miscellaneous

Kosuke Fukudome is officially a free agent. And he could be in line for the "Disingenuous Quote Of The Year" Award for this one:

"I'd like to see what kind of interest I get," he said. "We'll see where this goes."

I think he already knows there are quite a few teams interested. If the Cubs are serious (and I think they are), they could and should sign him this week.

The Blackhawks televised a home game. And they won. And the Earth did not spin off its axis. This is as good a time as any, incidentally, to give a plug to our new SB Nation Blackhawks blog, Second City Hockey. Check it out.

As many of us guessed, there aren't too many teams that both want/need and can afford A-Rod. Phil Rogers writes in that article:

But it's intriguing that it is the New York Times' highly respected Murray Chass who has been writing that Rodriguez could regret turning down an extension that would have paid him about $230 million over eight years.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels and San Francisco Giants are the three teams most interested in adding Rodriguez, judging from appearances at last week's general managers meetings in Orlando. Others may be studying the situation from the fringes, but only to swoop in if the uber offer fails to materialize. You wonder if agent Scott Boras overplayed his hand, especially if Rodriguez is motivated by trying to get a World Series ring.

"The more Boras talks, the more he sounds like he thinks he erred by orchestrating the opt-out clause with Rodriguez," Chass wrote last week.

Maybe so. It's not "collusion", as the players sniffed last week after the 30 GM's all met as one and announced their want lists; maybe it's just a bit of fiscal sanity. The happiest guy on the planet in this scenario has to be Rangers GM Jon Daniels, whose team saved somewhere between $20 and $30 million by A-Rod's opting out.

Finally (and this one's a couple of days old, but I don't think we discussed it Friday when it happened), if you think Jim Hendry's the only GM throwing money around foolishly, can any of you explain why Brian Sabean would have spent $5.3 million, with an option year that could make the contract worth over $10 million, on Omar Vizquel? Vizquel hit a Neifiesque .246/.305/.316 in 2007, and he'll be 41 in April. The mind boggles.