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Wrigley Resodding Project - Up Close And Personal, 11/14

With the sod actually being laid today, I thought it was time to go to the ballpark and have a look at what's going on there.

The "knothole" is open, obviously to give the workers access, and as you will see in the photos below, to get the sod from outside to inside.

It was cold and windy, but it still felt like baseball.

Left to right:
Rolls of sod lined up along Sheffield
Closeup of a roll of sod next to the outfield wall
Closeup of the infield -- you can clearly tell that the crown has been leveled
Sod lined up inside park, workers installing sod in infield, closeup of RF wall -- the padding has been removed, to be replaced later

Photos by Al

(as always, click on thumbnail to view full-size in new browser window. If you are using IE, you may have to click the lower-right corner of the image in the new window to expand it to its full size; in Firefox click anywhere on the image.)