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Thursday 11/15 Headlines and Wrigley Resodding Project Update

Before I post photos from this morning, a couple of things of interest on an otherwise slow day:

  • The photo editor at the Daily Herald emailed me (thanks, Bruce Miles, for the plug!) and asked if they could post a couple of the photos I took yesterday on the DH website. I gave my permission (no, they didn't pay me anything) and you can see those photos here.
  • Also at the Herald, Barry Rozner confirms the reports made here and elsewhere that a huge ticket price increase -- on the order of 20-25% -- is coming for 2008, with a letter on the way to season ticket holders (if it comes today, I'll post on it later), and also mentions that PSL's could be in Wrigley Field's future. Right now, that's just speculation. I know many NFL teams, including the Bears, have personal seat licenses, but I do not know if any baseball teams have yet gone this route.
This morning, they're starting to sod the outfield. You can see the rolls of sod lined up along the outfield wall here:

Closeup view of work along the 3B/LF line: