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2007 BCB Free Agent Frenzy Contest

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Every offseason, runs "Free Agent Frenzy", a contest in which they select fifteen free agents, then ask you to pick what team they're going to sign with and assign a "confidence" value from 15 (most confident) to 1 (least). The contestant with the most points wins.

We have had a BCB version of this contest each of the last two years, mirroring the MLB contest using the same fifteen players.

This year, someone at MLB made a huge mistake. Instead of picking 15 players, their contest includes 14 players... and Joe Torre, who signed to manage the Dodgers last night, a three-year deal for $13 million.

There are about 13 million reasons why including Torre in this contest was stupid, among them the fact that managers aren't subject to the same restrictions as players as to the dates when they are free to sign with another team.

They also included Mike Cameron, whose signing status is now uncertain after his 25-game suspension, announced two days ago, for using a banned stimulant.

So here's what we're going to do. The deadline for the MLB contest is November 12, so I'll keep that as our deadline. Use the other fourteen free agents listed in the MLB contest (including Cameron):

Jorge Posada
Mariano Rivera
Alex Rodriguez
Torii Hunter
Curt Schilling
Bartolo Colon
Mike Cameron
Paul LoDuca
Francisco Cordero
Aaron Rowand
Tom Glavine
Mike Lowell
Andruw Jones
Barry Bonds

... and to make this contest Cub-centric, let's make Kerry Wood our fifteenth choice.

List all the players, including Wood, the team you think they'll sign with, and a ranking from 15 to 1. This thread will remain open to comments (which is where you should post your picks) until the same deadline has, 4 pm CT on Monday, November 12. The winner will get a copy of the new book The Cubs: The Complete Story of Chicago Cubs Baseball by Glenn Stout.

Good luck!

UPDATE [2007-11-2 10:31:53 by Al]: A winner will be determined after all 15 free agents on the list have signed. I'll try to post periodic updates.