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Tuesday Morning Headlines

Just a few things today, but enough to get you going:

He also said his decision has nothing to do with his interest in bidding for the Chicago Cubs. Canning leads one of five groups that Major League Baseball has approved to receive financial data about the team, owned by Tribune Co.

Canning said there is "nothing going on" with the Cubs bid, because Tribune has yet to issue an offer book.

Which confirms what I have heard -- that the sale of the Cubs is held up at least in part because the sale of Tribco has not yet been completed, as they await some sort of decision from the FCC on media crossownership rules.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the White Sox are going to sign Torii Hunter 'within a week'. Or, maybe not, says Hunter.

Which is another reason not to take as gospel every breathless report you read on Rotoworld, which is, as it says right at the top of its pages, focused on "Fantasy Baseball Breaking News."

In fact, Hunter had dinner with Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks last night.

This is much the same sort of thing that got posted in this BCB diary yesterday. Look! Kaz Matsui's "headed to the Astros"! Oh, wait. No, he's not.

The point is, that even these supposedly plugged-in sportswriters don't know everything that's happening in major league baseball executive suites. With many people, including baseball people, likely headed somewhere for Thanksgiving celebrations soon, it seems to me we won't hear much about any major signings till early next week... unless some player joins a GM's family for dinner, as Curt Schilling did at Theo Epstein's house a few years ago.

Can you see Jim Hendry inviting the Fukudome family for Thanksgiving? First, he'd have to explain what Thanksgiving is...