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Good News/Bad News Day

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Good news: the Cubs' offseason plans are not going to change with the departure of John McDonough.

Bad news (from the same link): the Cubs are talking to Kaz Matsui. Matsui's not a terrible player, but this makes sense ONLY if they intend to play him at SS and make Ryan Theriot the top infield utility player. That'd be an upgrade. It also may make sense as a lure to Kosuke Fukudome to come to the Cubs (the same link also says Fukudome will be meeting with his US-based agent next week).

Good news: the Brewers are about to sign Jason Kendall, which ought to make Cub baserunners salivate.

Bad news: Kerry Wood may be considering signing elsewhere, although that article by Paul Sullivan contains no specifics, only speculation that he might go to the Red Sox, a rumor that's been around for a couple of weeks now. It also quotes Jim Hendry:

"Kerry is getting a lot of action around the industry," Hendry said. "We're hopeful he'll want to remain a Cub. I believe, probably before we get to the winter meetings [Dec. 3], this will be brought to a conclusion. We certainly would like to have him back, and hopefully it'll work out."

Get it done, Jim.

Good news: it's Thanksgiving tomorrow. To every one of you, enjoy Thanksgiving with your family, or wherever you may be.