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As you move around slowly this morning, still digesting your Thanksgiving dinner -- or maybe you're one of those who insists that getting up at the crack of dawn on the day after and sitting in the cold outside a Best Buy or Target is a swell idea (me, I only get up that early when I'm getting paid to do so), a few comments on recent and upcoming baseball developments:

The Angels sign Torii Hunter to a 5-year, $90 million contract.

Comment: Unless this signing is a sign of things to come -- i.e. the market this offseason is going to be even crazier than last year's -- this is insane. The Angels didn't need a CF, and I suspect Hunter's going to be unhappy when he learns he isn't going to be in center field every single day. Plus, by about year three of this deal, the Angels are likely going to be desperately trying to dump it. Jay Mariotti says the White Sox didn't get him because they were "too cheap". Maybe, but Kenny Williams has to be thanking his lucky stars on this one -- he might actually now have enough money to improve his team.

Jason Kendall signs a one-year deal with the Brewers.

Comment: This is good news for NL Central baserunners; Kendall was horrendous at throwing out players trying to steal last year, as we found out first-hand, and isn't going to be any better in 2008. He had a reputation of being a good pitch-caller before he came to the Cubs, but I didn't see much evidence of that in his two months in a Cub uniform. Johnny Estrada, traded to the Mets for Guillermo Mota, wasn't very good at throwing out runners either, but at least he could hit a bit. Kendall's a downgrade. Good news for Cub fans.

▪ Kerry Wood's going to the Brewers. Or Red Sox. Or Cubs. Or...

Comment: Relax. Teams may be kicking the tires on him, but I think Wood is an old-school guy with some team loyalty. Unless he's completely insulted by an offer from Jim Hendry & Co. -- which I don't see Hendry doing -- look for Wood to be in a Cub uniform, probably on a two-year deal or a one-year deal with an easy vesting option, and with a shot at closing.

▪ Barry Bonds, already in a heap of trouble, has old friends and girlfriends ready to testify against him.

Comment: Good. The article linked above says both the best man at his wedding, and his former girlfriend, have first-hand knowledge of Bonds' steroid use. It also says defense lawyers are going to have a field day trying to poke holes in the credibility of both witnesses for the prosecution because of their own personal problems. This is going to be a heck of an interesting trial. And Bonds' playing career is likely over.

Steve Finley wants to play baseball in 2008.

Comment: Sorry, this took me a while; I had to pick myself up off the floor, where I was laughing hysterically. Steve Finley? Who will be 43 in March? Who didn't play at all last year, and whose last good year was 2004? Forget it, Steve.

Here's a good summary of all the Japanese free agents seeking employment on this side of the Pacific this winter.

Comment: Obviously, the #1 target of the Cubs -- and some other teams -- is Kosuke Fukudome, left-handed-hitting outfielder. I've made no secret of my desire to have Fukudome in a Cub uniform next year; he'd fill several needs and he wouldn't be all that expensive (MetsBlog says 3/30, and if that's all it would take, Jim Hendry -- sign him as soon as he clears Customs.

Scott Linebrink signs with the White Sox, reportedly for 4/19.

▪ Finally, this one flew under the radar, as there's no web link, just a half-page ad in yesterday's dead-tree edition of the Tribune: the Blackhawks have put all available tickets for their nine December home games on sale at 25% off. In case you were too busy with Turkey Day activities, the sale began at 8 pm last night and ends at midnight Sunday.

Comment: John McDonough, at work only two days, already makes a good PR move. This will get a lot more people in the UC next month, and if the Blackhawks continue their good play, will create positive buzz. Smart man, that McDonough.