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Still sleeping off that turkey from Thanksgiving?

It's a reeeeaaaaallllllly sloooooooow weekend.

News item: A-Rod might make even more money under certain terms of the deal he's signing; that might make it worth a total of over $300 million:

Under the agreement, which remains to be finalized, Rodriguez could receive $6 million each for tying the home-run levels of Willie Mays (660), Babe Ruth (714), Hank Aaron (755) and Barry Bonds (762), and an additional $6 million for breaking Bonds' major league record.

The Yankees could designate each level as a historic event, enabling Rodriguez to receive the added money in exchange for additional personal appearances and signed memorabilia for the club. That enabled the agreement to be allowed by the players' association and the commissioner's office. Baseball generally prohibits bonuses based on statistics such as home runs.

Grammar police: that's "an" historic event.

Quote of the day, found in Phil Rogers' column:

"They gave me an amount of money that my momma and all my friends would have slapped me if I [hadn't accepted]."--Torii Hunter on signing with the Angels for $90 million over five years after the Twins never increased their offer of three years, $45 million.

Nuff said. Go on back to sleep. Or watch the Bears game at 3:15 today. Oh, wait. Same thing, pretty much.