Sunday Morning Rumormongering

We'd all love Kosuke Fukudome. Except for those of us who'd rather have Geoff Jenkins, but... yeah, he's Geoff Jenkins.

But the Cubs may be looking elsewhere, or at least be working on the backup plan. And it seems the Cubs and Red Sox are talking about J.D. Drew.

Speaking of Fukudome - our favorite site gives the breakdown on all things Japan. Looks like several Japanese teams are making a hard push for Fukudome, and he hasn't filed for free agency yet - deadline is the 12th, so that's something to keep an eye on.

Oh, and Kuroda may go for $10 million. That's a bit rich for my tastes.

Bruce Miles confirms Hendry's interest in both players, by the way, so this isn't just some pipe dream of a few bloggers. He also mentions potential trades of Jacque Jones and Will Ohman.

While the Twins may or may not be shopping Johann Santana, second-tier pitcher Carlos Silva may be available, and the Cubs are reportedly among teams the Twins are talking to. Consider me interested; Silva's career stats are not bad at all, and we saw what happened when AL pitchers move to the NL with Lilly. I don't have any clue what the Twins would want in trade, but it's worth looking into. Update [2007-11-4 10:49:23 by cwyers]:I'm a flaming moron; he's a free agent. No draft pick compensation, at least.

And P-Sully says that the Cubs won't comment on the egomaniac's Curt Schilling's blog, but that the team is interested.

Update [2007-11-4 10:49:23 by cwyers]: The Padres want Pie, and may be willing to part with Khalil Greene for him. No signs of interest from the Cubs.

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