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Get Ready For Mass Suspensions...

... so says Phil Rogers in his Thursday column:

George Mitchell and his team of highly paid lawyers continue to work on Major League Baseball's unprecedented internal investigation into the sport's steroid use. The report is expected to be released at some point before spring training, and its release almost certainly will be followed by a flurry of 50-game, first-time offense suspensions from Commissioner Bud Selig.

Imagine how crazy the baseball landscape could look next April if the players union is not successful in getting the suspensions thrown out.

The first third of the schedule could be played with some teams missing two or three key players, not to mention those who suffer the usual injuries. The teams that somehow skate the suspensions would be at a tremendous advantage.

The rest of the article goes on to name some of the players who have been associated with reports of steroid use -- the list runs the gamut from Barry Bonds to Jerry Hairston Jr. (Note to Jerry Jr.: It didn't help.)

I've been out at a free movie screening that was available for BlogWorldExpo participants; yes, even after my review of "Michael Clayton" which most of you roundly panned, I'm going to try this again in the next day or so -- I'm not telling you yet what movie it was, only that it's one that won't be released till next month. Came back to find the Rogers article, and thought it worth posting early so you'd have something to chew on first thing in the morning.