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Cubs To Have First "Turn Back The Clock" Promotion

As we await The Fukudome Decision (sounds like a good spy movie title, right?), this announcement flew under the radar, as I hadn't heard it anywhere until sharp-eyed BCB reader TheRamZamDLEE sent me this article from the Bloomington Pantagraph profiling new marketing director Jay Blunk and some of the things he's planning for 2008. The "Ultimate 7th Inning Stretch" competition, which drew 2700 entries in 2007, will return. But what got my attention was this:

Blunk said the Cubs will hold their first retro game in the coming season. Players will wear replica 1948 uniforms as part of the 60th anniversary of WGN-TV.

"We've never done one at Wrigley," he said. "It seems like a perfect fit. Every day is turn back the clock day at Wrigley."

I think that last sentence has been the philosophy of the marketing department for many years, and I'm sure you can see why. But having a day like this will draw some attention, and I'm guessing they'll wind up auctioning off the jerseys worn that day for Cubs Care.

Waiting... for... Fukudome...