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The Fukudome Vigil

We await developments, even as Kosuke Fukudome says he's going to play in the USA:

"I won't be playing for a Japanese club next season, I'll play in the majors," Fukudome said. "I appreciate the fans who supported me for nine years. I hope that the fans continue to root for me when they see me playing in the United States."

Wearing a Cub uniform, we hope (and light candles for). Paul Sullivan says a Fukudome signing could bring Japanese ad signage to Wrigley Field:

If the Cubs sign Fukudome, they can immediately add to their revenues by selling advertising space at Wrigley Field to Japanese companies, as Boston, Seattle and other clubs with Japanese stars have done in their parks.

The Cubs recently announced they will increase the ad signage at Wrigley, and since more Cubs games will be televised in Japan if Fukudome signs, it makes sense that some of the ads will be in Japanese.

Gordon Wittenmyer: the Cubs could have him signed within 24 hours.

We're ready. Keep watching this space for more news later today.