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It's Pronounced "koh-skay foo-koo-DOUGH-may"

thanks to BCB reader initram for the rendering; it's generally accepted that he'll ask for his Cub jersey to look like this, instead of with his last name. I think you can figure out the reason!

The title of this post is something you should read and practice a few times; that's the generally accepted pronunciation of the Cubs' new right fielder, signed last night to a four-year, $48 million contract.

I'm very, very happy. This is exactly the kind of player the Cubs have needed for a long time -- a plus defensive outfielder with a good batting eye who could put up a .390 OBA (maybe in the #2 batting order slot), have midrange power and hit in the .290-.300 area. The money isn't unreasonable in today's market and neither is the length of the deal.

Linkage: Bruce Miles, Daily Herald. Gordon Wittenmyer, Sun-Times. Paul Sullivan, Tribune. No fewer than six BCB diaries on this and related topics. Oh, and the Padres fans still hate us, even more after this signing.

Here is an excellent wiki-style entry on Fukudome from Dan Lewis at Armchair GM; it has an extensive history of Fukudome's career, including many links and eight embedded video clips.

I may have to get myself one of those jerseys myownself. Word is the Cubs are still in the Brian Roberts derby -- if they got him, we could all relax, enjoy the holidays, and get excited about spring training and the 2008 season. Let's try to keep the discussion today in this thread; I'll update it later today if/when a news conference day and time is announced.