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The Real, Actual List From The Mitchell Report

After the list that was posted in one of the threads earlier this morning was debunked by several sources as being inaccurate, a corrected, complete list was made available. In the interests of fairness, I thought it would be appropriate to post the correct list on the front page of this site, in handy alphabetical order.

For the record, the list contains the following players who have, at one point in their careers, played for the Cubs (I wish to make it clear that this does NOT necessarily imply that these players used PED's while Cubs, nor does it imply in any way that the Cubs organization is culpable): Matt Franco, Jerry Hairston Jr., Glenallen Hill, Todd Hundley, Gary Matthews Jr., Rafael Palmeiro, Todd Pratt, Benito Santiago, Rondell White.

Allen, Chad
Ankiel, Rick
Bell, David
Bell, Mike
Bennett Jr., Gary
Bonds, Barry
Brown, Kevin
Byrd, Paul
Cabrera, Alex
Caminiti , Ken
Carreon, Mark
Christiansen, Jason
Clark, Howie
Clemens, Roger
Canseco, Jose
Cust, Jack
Donnels, Chris
Donnelly, Brendan
Dykstra, Len
Franco, Matt
Franklin, Ryan
Gagne, Eric
Giambi, Jason
Giambi, Jeremy
Gibbons, Jay
Glaus, Troy
Gonzalez, Juan
Grimsley, Jason
Guillen, Jose
Hairston Jr., Jerry
Herges, Matt
Hiatt, Phil
Hill, Glenallen
Holmes, Darren
Hundley, Todd
Jorgenson, Ryan
Justice, David
Knoblauch, Chuck
Laker, Tim
Lansing, Mike
Lo Duca, Paul
Logan, Exavier (Nook)
Manzanillo, Josias
Matthews, Jr. Gary
McKay, Cody
Mercker, Kent
McGwire, Mark
Miadich, Bart
Naulty, Daniel
Neagle, Denny
Morris, Hal
Palmeiro, Rafael
Parque, Jim
Pettitte, Andy
Pratt, Todd
Randolph, Stephen
Rocker, John
Riggs, Adam
Rios, Armando
Roberts, Brian
Santangelo, F.P.
Santiago, Benito
Schoeneweis, Scott
Segui, David
Sheffield, Gary
Stanton, Mike
Tejada, Miguel
Valdez, Ismael
Vaughn, Mo
Velarde, Randy
Villone, Ron
Vina, Fernando
White, Rondell
Williams, Jeff
Williams, Matt
Williams, Todd
Woodard, Steve
Young, Kevin
Zaun, Gregg

If you would like to download a copy of the Mitchell Report, click here. (WARNING! Opens 409-page .pdf file!) I intend to download and read the whole thing at some point, and I'll have more to say about this after I've digested the reports on the two press conferences (watching Selig's right now), and had some time to think about all of it, probably tomorrow.