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A-Rod's New Deal

I'm a little surprised no one's mentioned that Alex Rodriguez's 10-year, $275 million deal with the Yankees was finalized yesterday.

Guess there was a little news that was a bit more important. The most interesting things in that linked article are the quotes from A-Rod about how all this was handled -- read between the lines and he absolutely blasts Scott Boras:

Rodriguez said opting out was "a mistake that was handled extremely poorly."

"It was a huge debacle," he said, calling the timing "distasteful and very inappropriate."

A-Rod said Boras gave him the impression the Yankees weren't interested in bringing him back, which surprised him.

"Our goals were not aligned," Rodriguez said. "It felt funny to me."

He said he and Boras agreed the slugger would opt out of his deal, but Rodriguez thought the move would be revealed after the World Series.

"I made mistakes. I've got to look in the mirror. If I had to do it again, I would've called Hank from Day 1 and negotiated myself," Rodriguez said.

Interesting stuff. (Incidentally, I was originally going to make this a diary, inadvertently pushed it to the front page -- but thinking about it again, I think it is front-page worthy.)