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According to this Japanese-language article, for which I won't post the Google translation (again, if anyone wants to give me a better one, feel free to email me and I'll post it), Tribune columnist Mike Downey thinks we should tag Kosuke Fukudome with the nickname given in the title of this post.

The Japanese article goes on to say that "KOZY-K", in addition to being an English play on the pronunciation of Kosuke ("koh-SKAY") that we discussed here the other day, could refer to the "cozy" right-field corner he's going to patrol at Wrigley Field, as well as the "friendly" atmosphere at the ballpark. It also implies that "KOJI" is a nickname by which he's known in Japan and the English word "cozy" has a similar pronunciation.

Finally, the article mentions the possibility of problems with "FUKUDOME" having the, um, similarity to the English word that it simply renders -- as you can even see in the untranslated version -- as "F x x K", and goes on to say that it would be "much nicer" to have "KOZY-K" as his nickname.

What say you? Does this work?