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Monday Morning Headlines

  • Today's debate on the qualifications of a potential Hall of Famer features Michael Knisley and John Shea discussing the merits of Andre Dawson. I know how most people here feel about Dawson, but it's interesting reading, particularly this nugget from Knisley:
    Where would the drama be -- and so what would happen to the interest level -- if a player was guaranteed a place in the Hall of Fame once he met certain cut-and-dried objective statistical standards?

    Well, exactly.

  • Jose Canseco is writing another book. Working title: "Vindicated". He's going to name more names. Canseco is not a very nice person, but he appears to have been pretty much right on in his first book.
  • Former Cub Matt Clement is signing with the Cardinals. Or the Indians. Or Pirates. The MLBTR link mentions, in addition to those three, the Royals, Mariners, Blue Jays, Rockies, and Phillies. Should the Cubs be interested? Clement is only one year off rotator cuff surgery. I say no.
  • Off-topic, but still interesting for Chicago sports fans: Scottie Pippen wants to coach. And Sam Smith of the Tribune says the Bulls should think about it. I agree.