MLB Fears Bloggers!

On our SB Nation baseball discussion list yesterday, the Rev Halofan, who runs the Angels site Halos Heaven, shared this juicy little item with us:

Cupie, a friend who helps with Halos Heaven, does interviews, etc., he has been trying to nail down an interview with some Angels players or team personnel.

He was told today by Angels assistant media relations man Larry Babcock that MLBAM has instructed his office (and the office of other teams) to have NO contact or relations with non-accredited internet sites - especially bloggers.

Cupie did not debate him, and maybe this was just the brush off, but Babcock asured us that "they all read your site here" but that his hands were tied.

More proof that the people who run MLB have their heads stuck in the 1950's. Do they think if they ignore us, we're just going to go away? Hardly.

The consensus on the SB Nation list seems to be that MLB doesn't want to acknowledge a group that they either can't:

  • control, or
  • make money from.
  • We're too big to ignore. We are also their best customers, and their most passionate fans. Ignoring us isn't just stupid, it threatens to cut off a possible source of more interest in their product.

    Part of this seems to be a desire on the part of the clubs not to give press credentials to bloggers. Frankly, that hasn't been my focus -- I've never asked for credentials, and I'm happy to keep my season ticket and be "part of the game" from the bleachers.

    But I also wouldn't mind doing an interview with Jim Hendry, or Lou Piniella, or some of the coaches or players. I cannot see how this hurts the Cubs, the individuals involved, or MLB.

    But then, this is also the outfit that's about to cut off some of its fans to access to MLB Extra Innings, as Ed Sherman confirmed in the Tribune today. Sherman's in agreement with me when he writes:

    ... baseball just seems bent on reducing access. The decision seems to follow the same game plan that says let's put all the World Series games at night so kids can't see them. Growing the game doesn't seem to be part of the equation.

    Too bad. I had looked forward to overdosing on Extra Innings. Now I'll just have to go outside and play golf.

    He's got it exactly right. Get your heads out of the sand, MLB. In case you hadn't noticed, the years on the calendar begin with "2" now. Wake up.

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