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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Brewers at Mesa, Sunday 3/11, 3:05 CT

Yes, remember: 3:05 Central time, because most of us are now on Daylight Saving time -- except the good folks in Arizona, who remain on Mountain Standard Time year-round. That will be the starting time for all the rest of the games in Arizona, except the last one on March 29 -- that starts at 12:05 MST, or 2:05 CDT.

MLB Audio's carriage of today's game not only features the WGN Radio broadcast, but also Bob Uecker's Brewer game call from WTMJ in Milwaukee. Uecker's always entertaining and calls a great game -- might be worth checking out. It's also on XM channel 178.

Courtesy as always of Bruce Miles, here is the way "the local nine line up", as he put it:

Soriano, CF
Theriot, 2B
Lee, 1B
Ramirez, 3B
Barrett, C
Murton, LF
Colvin, RF
Izturis, SS
Marquis, P

I like Theriot in the 2 spot -- it looks like Lou is trying something different with Matt Murton, which is also fine with me. It's not very often you get a pitching rematch in spring training, but there's one today -- Marquis faces Claudio Vargas again, just as the two did five days ago. Gameday

Finally, SBNation today proudly introduces its very first online podcast, live at 7 pm CDT. Here's the scoop on what you'll hear:

The premiere episode is hosted by John Bena of Mile High Report (the Denver Broncos site) and BigBlueShoe of Stampede Blue, the Indianapolis Colts site. The main topics for today will include NFL free agency, the Signature Pharmacy steroid scandal involving baseball and football, and the NCAA tournament. Guests on the show will include Fooch from Niners Nation, Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation, and SkinsPatrol of Hogs Haven.

Discuss amongst yourselves.