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Open Thread: Cubs vs. Giants at Scottsdale, Monday 3/12, 3:05 CT

Z pitches today. He'll be stretched out to four innings for the first time this year, just as Jason Marquis was yesterday.

Among others pitching today will be Jeff Samardzija, probably for the final time in a major league game this spring before roster cuts (a dozen or so may be announced later today). About this, Lou Piniella says:

"I'd like to see maybe Samardzija face Barry Bonds one time," said Piniella, who plans to have Samardzija pitch early enough in the game to face the Giants' regulars. "That would be exciting for Jeff."

It would be, so assuming Z does go four innings, expect Samardzija to throw the fifth inning.

Bruce Miles reports on Buck Coats' great start:

Lou Piniella measured his answer when asked if rookie outfielder Buck Coats could make the team.

"Look, he's having a good spring," Piniella said. "He's played well in the outfield. He's swinging the bat well. We're taking notice. Let's see where that leads."

Also today, Cliff Floyd will play for the first time. Jacque Jones may play some CF, either today or later this week. Matt Morris is the Giants' starting pitcher today.

If you don't have access to CSN Chicago, MLB Audio has the game with a webcast featuring Giants announcers.

The telecast is also being picked up by MLB.TV, if you have signed up for that. And if you have none of the above, here's Gameday.

UPDATE [2007-3-12 13:28:52 by Al]: As usual, courtesy of Bruce Miles, the lineups (both teams) are in the comments.

Discuss amongst yourselves.